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Past Presidente

Simone Moreira Bergamini - CRMV-RJ 4589


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Simone M. Bergamini



CRMV-RJ 4589

  • Veterinary Doctor graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)

  • Master in Behavioral Veterinary Medicine for Domestic Animals from the University of Pisa (Italy)

  • Vice-President of the Latin American College of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Medicine (CLEVE)

  • Scientific Coordinator and Professor of Postgraduate in Veterinary Clinical Ethology at Instituto Qualittas of Post Graduate

  • Care in Behavioral Medicine in Rio de Janeiro.

Juliana Cannavan Gil 


Vice - President

CRMV-SP 35080

  • Veterinary Doctor graduated from UNIP in 2014

  • Bachelor and Degree in Social Sciences at PUC in 2006

  • Internship in Behavioral Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2014

  • Master in Ethology and Animal Welfare (Pets) from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) in 2015

  • Postgraduate in Veterinary Clinical Ethology by Qualittas in 2018

  • Fear Free for Pets certified since 2018

  • Owner of Psicovet

Bárbara Georgetti


CRMV-SP 48261

  • Veterinary Doctor at UFMG

  • Currently works at Psicovet (Veterinary Center for Canine and Feline Behavior and Welfare)

  • Trained in Behavioral Veterinary Medicine at Lincoln University, England, under the supervision of Professor Daniel Mills, in 2015

  • Fear Free for Pets certification since 2018.

  • Graduate student in Veterinary Clinical Ethology by Qualittas

Ana Maria B. Guerra Pinto


1 a. Secretary

CRMV-MG 16890

  • PhD student at the University of Lincoln (UK), where she investigates the mental benefits of interaction between people and dogs


    Veterinary Doctor behavioralist at Courteous Canines (UK)


  • Animal behavior articles, recently published, in international magazines

  • Master in Clinical Animal Behavior at University of Lincoln (UK), 2018

  • Specialist in small animal clinic and surgery by Qualittas, Brazil

  • Graduated in Veterinary Medicine at UFLA.

Ana Cláudia S. Lehmann


Social Communication Director

CRMV-TO 01615

  • Veterinary Doctor formed by UNIDERP 2012

  • Postgraduate in Veterinary Clinical Ethology by Qualittas. 2019

  • Fear Free for Pets 2019 Certification

Ricardo Fontão de Pauli


Diretor Científico

CRMV-SC 5730

  • Veterinary Doctor graduated from the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC)

  • Master of Science from the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP)

  • Member of the Ethics, Bioethics and Animal Welfare Committee of the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of Santa Catarina (CRMV / SC) between 2016 and 2017

  • Professor and veterinarian at Unifacvest University Center in Lages / SC

  • Responsible for COMPORVET, where he conducts clinical behavioral care, courses and lectures in the area of ​​animal behavior and well-being