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Simone Bergamini

  • Veterinary Doctor graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF)

  • Master in Behavioral Veterinary Medicine for Domestic Animals from the University of Pisa (Italy)

  • Vice-President of the Latin American College of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Medicine (CLEVE)

  • Scientific Coordinator and Professor of Postgraduate in Veterinary Clinical Ethology at Instituto Qualittas of Post Graduate

  • Care in Behavioral Medicine in Rio de Janeiro.

Carolina Jardim

Carolina Jardim.jpg
  • Psychologist

  • Graduate in Animal Behavior

  • Dog trainer

  • Currently coordinates a team of trainers

  • Provides training for trainers and work teams

  • Consultant for deaf dog tutors

Bruno Leite

  • Dog trainer since 2004

  • 8th period psychology student, with some improvement courses in behavior analysis

Giulianna Elena Bosco

  • Animal behavior student since 2007

  • Dogs as the focus of work (pets)

  • Coordinator, for 6 years, of the group of speakers and taught courses and training for tutors and new trainers.

  • GEC participant - scientific study group, sponsored by Alexandre Rossi.

  • Member of the ABMeVeC

  • Training Committee Undergraduate in Biological Sciences

  • Dog trainer and behavioral consultant

  • Project developer for courses and training of trainers with Psicovet.

  • Tutor of two dogs, my greatest teachers: Petraki (13 years old) and Safira (12 years old), we practice agility when young and we learn a lot together, every day.