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Get access to benefits and discounts at events in Brazil and Europe

and also,

Discount at the ABMeVeC Symposium, discount for joining ESVCE, access to the discussion group, name on our website, Access to free event (s) throughout the year, discount on ABMeVeC partner congresses


1- Accessing the link at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to the e-registration page.

2- In the e-registration link, register and fill out the form, attaching the identity document.

* Veterinarians: copy of the CRMV portfolio. * Non-veterinary professionals: copy of identity card. * Students (any higher education course): must send proof of enrollment at the university (copy of the valid student card or the last payment slip) and a copy of the identity document.


3- For payment, choose the category to which you belong (veterinarian, non-veterinary professionals or students).

4- Choose the payment method (cash card, 2-fold card, or boleto).


The annuities paid to ABMeVeC, regardless of the month of payment, will be valid until December of the same year. So, to be even with the association and have the right to enjoy the benefits as a member, the members must pay the annual fee, at the beginning of each year, regardless of the month that the payment was made in the previous year.

Registration with ABMeVeC will only be effective after payment confirmation and all documentation has been sent.



To register.