Brazilian Association of Behavioral Veterinary Medicine

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Brazilian Association of Behavioral Veterinary Medicine (ABMeVeC) is a non-profit organization whose objective is to strengthen veterinary clinical ethology in the country, as well as to integrate and train all professionals who work with animal behavior and welfare

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Behavioral Needs and Problems in Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

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Behavioral Veterinary Medicine

The Behavioral Veterinary Medicine, also known as clinical ethology, is the veterinary specialty that covers problematic behaviors presented in animals.


Through a clinical approach, the patient's diagnosis is arrived at and then a multiple approach is proposed, which involves behavioral modification techniques, in addition to changes in the handling of the animal and the use of psychotrophic substances.


The main objective of the specialty is to improve the coexistence of the multispecies family, guaranteeing the well-being of the assisted patient. Currently, the area has several international associations, in addition to congresses and specialized scientific journals..

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